QPT Infrared Inspection Service

QPT has been providing Superior Infrared Inspection Service since the company started back in 1991. Always using the best IR cameras in the field. Present IR Camera used is a Fluke Expert Series Tix560. It utilizes a large display allowing to find more than using one of those smaller less expensive IR cameras.

Thermographic inspection is performed while the equipment is energized and in service. Loose connections, temperature differentials and electrically damaged equipment can then be located. By defining these potential problems, the equipment can then be scheduled for repair, rather than wait until a failure occurs. In most cases these unscheduled outages and repairs are many times more costly.

The data collected during this type of inspection is a very useful tool in evaluating the overall quality of maintenance being performed, the general condition of equipment, and frequency of maintenance required. All electrical systems, which were inspected, shall have a sticker placed on it indicating Month and Year of inspection.

QPT goes a step further by vacuum cleaning, if needed, energized electrical equipment. It is done with Safety First in mind. We use special insulated tools and PPE while doing this type of service. If Arc Flash rating exceeds rating of PPE, it will not be done. But it will be documented for your records. A scheduled shutdown for service will be recommended.

QPT will also make repairs during the Infrared Inspection. An example includes tightening a loose connection using an insulated driver. If it can not be done safely, notations will be made which includes photos of the equipment and the IR image. No waiting for this report as it will be emailed to you onsite day of inspection! If repairs are made, a rescan is performed at no additional cost.