QPT Field Engineer

Position Summary

 Field Engineers are assigned to on-site service of complex power systems. They are responsible for startup, preventative maintenance, trouble-shooting and on-site assistance in the operation of many sophisticated power systems. Due to many interactions with the customer, excellent customer relations and organizational skills are required.

 Where applicable, they are involved with direct supervision of other Field Engineers and Technicians.

 Specific Responsibilities

1)   Works closely with the customer, schedules all services including startup, preventative maintenance, servicing and on-site assistance in the correct operation of the power system.

2)   Must prioritize service requests according to location, type of service, balance of service and urgency.

3)   Performs 100% of all servicing requirements, or arranges for completion of balance. Demonstrates good judgment on what service is to be attempted on-site, in-shop or other locations, as required.

4)   Orders and tracks all necessary components and equipment for service using approved purchasing methods for customers account. Communicates closely with the customer regarding status of service.

5)   Must exhibit extraordinary customer relations skills. Close daily relationship with customer requires a high level of customer satisfaction and perception of value per dollar cost. Company image is perceived primarily through contact with the customer.

6)   Must take responsibility for clerical needs, including completeness of service reports.

7)   Learns new maintenance requirements for new or existing electrical systems and applies new requirements to existing Maintenance Procedures.

8)   Operates and maintains test equipment to high standards. Assures test equipment calibration requirements are maintained.

9)   Puts safety first! Must be familiar with safety procedures and safety equipment required for all working assignments.

10)Performs other duties as required.

Skills and Knowledge Requirements

·        High School Diploma or equivalent

·        AA Degree, Certificate in Electrical Technology or equivalent

·        Minimum 10 years experience in electrical systems and equipment

·        Minimum 5 years experience in the testing and maintenance of complex electrical systems

·        Supervisory ability and experience

·        A high degree of ability to work independently

·        Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Physical Demands

·        Prolonged standing and walking

·        Frequent bending, reaching, lifting and carrying up to 32 Kilograms

·        Occasional climbing stairs, kneeling, squatting, etc.

Working Conditions

·        Utilize transportation to get on-site (company van, auto and/or commercial flights)

·        Exposure to low and high voltage electrical equipment

·        Exposure to moving machinery and equipment

·        Exposure to dust, cleaners, etc.

·        Working inside and/or outside of building

·        Safety and protective equipment requirements

Equipment Used

·        Test equipment and service tools

·        Laptop computer and printer